The Wyedean Forest Rally has and excellent safety record. We want to keep it that way and we want you to enjoy the action without getting hurt. Our top tips for spectating safely are:

• Use the official car parks. We work with Forest Enterprise and the police to provide you with the best routes in and out of special stage car parks and the cost of parking is less than disobeying the local bye-laws of not parking on the verges.

• Wear warm, waterproof clothing and strong footwear.

• Leave young children and dogs at home.

• Always obey the marshals and follow the safety code in the programme and on notices.

• Stand well back. There is no substitute for distance between you and a rally car.

• Stand on high ground, not below the level of the road. You get a better view and when gravity takes over, cars fall down and not up!

• Never stand in restricted areas, escape roads, or on the outside of corners.If you do the stage could be delayed or cancelled.

• Don’t walk or ride bikes on the special stage.Even before the rally cars arrive there are officials and course cars on the stage.

• Stay alert at all times.The cars may be travelling fast but they are no noisier than your own car.


In the hour before the rally cars start any special stage there will be a series of official and safety cars through each stage. Each of them will be looking for people walking on the track, standing too close or in run-off areas. If the stage can not be run safely, it will be cancelled.

Rally cars are driven on the limit so accidents can and do happen. On each stage there is always at least one doctor or paramedic, a specially equipped rally rescue ambulance and a vehicle recovery unit, both crewed by highly trained volunteers. They can be on the scene within minutes and are skilled in treating and extracting casualties trapped in rally cars.

Spectator Safety


· Stand on the track· Stand below the level of the track· Stand in front of arrows or signs· Stand in Prohibited Areas· Stand or sit on or near log piles, walls or fences· Sit close to the edge of the track· Block escape routes· Be distracted· Play games with your safety or that of the drivers· Remove Stage signs or arrows· Be the one to stop the Stage


· Expect the unexpected· Listen for approaching cars· Remain alert· Leave yourself room to move quickly· Try to keep behind something solid· Keep children under supervision· Keep dogs on a lead· Do as the Marshals ask· Help the Marshals to run a safe Stage

Be Sure That:

· The unexpected can happen· If you ignore Marshals instructions the stage will be stopped

Please protect:

· Yourself· Others around you· This Stage· Rallying· Motor Sport

Study the diagrams –

the dark shaded areas are `NO-GO’
Being there could cause delays or
the cancellation of the Stage