Provisional 2006 Timetable

Publication of Regulations

Entry list opens.

28th January 2006

Entries close.

4th February 2006

Road Book and Final Instructions Posted.

10th February 2006

14:00 hrs

15:00 hrs

20:00 hrs

20:30 hrs

22:00 hrs

All at Chepstow Racecourse

Rally HQ Help Desk opens.

Noise Test, Scrutineering and Documentation opens.

Noise Test and Scrutineering close.

Documentation closes

Rally HQ Help Desk closes.

11th February 2006

07:00 hrs

08:00 hrs

14:40 (approx.)

19.00 hrs (approx.)

19:30 hrs (approx.)


Rally HQ Help Desk opens.

Rally starts, Chepstow Racecourse.

First car finishes, Chepstow Racecourse.

Results Declared Final (subject to any protests).

Awards presentation Chepstow Racecourse.